Captain Jim

Captain Jim is a rugged man, showing signs of a hard life full of adventure. He is considerably more flustered as of late, given how his boat has crashed.


Name: Jim (He shies away from giving a last name, but answers to Captain Jim)

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: Slightly heavy

Height: Tall

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Appearance: Rugged, likes long coats

Trait: Small Frame (+1 AGI, 15xSTR carrying)

Trait: Jinxed (+50% Critical Failure Chance to all combatants)

ST: 4 PE: 5 EN: 5 CH: 6 IN: 5 AG: 8 LK: 8

HP: 29

AC: 8

AP: 9

Carrying: 60 lbs.


Poison Resistance: 25%

Radiation Resistance: 10%

Gas Resistance: 0/0%

Electrical Resistance: 30%

Damage Resistance: 0%

Armor Damage Resistance: 0%

Damage Threshold: 0

Sequence: 10

Healing Rate: 1

Critical Chance: 8%


Small Guns: 57%

Big Guns: 16%

Energy Weapons: 16%

Unarmed: 74%

Melee Weapons: 44%

Throwing: 32%

First Aid: 20%

Doctor: 15%

Sneak: 29%

Lockpick: 23%

Steal: 24%

Traps: 23%

Science: 20%

Repair: 15%

Pilot: 26%

Speech: 30%

Barter: 44%

Gambling: 40%

Outdoorsman: 20%


To be honest, Captain Jim isn’t much of a boatsman. There’s a reason for this: He ran away from home at the age of 14 (being a scrawny little runt who got beat up a lot), then wandered through the wastes until he found a boat. When he got in, he took off, and now here he is. He’s been working more as a merchant, since he’s not a real fighter type (he loves a fight, but more if he’s not getting hit), going up and down river selling and buying goods.

Captain Jim

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